Get Info About L-1 Visa

One of the non-foreigner visas that are issued by US, L-2 visa is conceded to the close family including the life partner and unmarried kids beneath the age of 21 years of the L-1 visa holders. The term of the L-2 totally relies on the aggregate residency that has been allowed to the L-1 visa holder. In the event that the work visa is for a year, the family needs to come back with L-1 visa holder and likewise, if the residency of the L-1 is 5 years, the L-2 visa will be for the equivalent time frame. Be that as it may, L-1 and L-2 are not given for over 7 years on end. When you are applying for the L-2 visa there are a large group of conventions and documentation that you have to submit:

  • Valid travel permitl-1 visa requirements
  • Recent shading photos
  • Original marriage authentication and related photos
  • Visa application with the expense
  • Copy of the L-1 issued to life partner
  • L-1 work letter
  • Visa protection expenses

Moreover, the life partner of the L-1 holder who is in US on the L-2 is lawfully approved to work subsequent to acquiring the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) that permits you to work with any business. Be that as it may, it is best to apply for the Employment Authorization Document after you get the L1 visas to demonstrate to the potential bosses that you are approved to work uninhibitedly. In any case, your youngsters who are on L-2 visa can’t work however are just qualified to think about in schools and colleges. Subsequent to applying for the L-2 visa, USCIS issues the work Authorization archives inside 90 days for the most part, yet because of high deluge of uses, it may take more than the standard time.

However a portion of the benefits that you get on a L-2 visa include:

  • Legal approval to work with business approval from USCIS
  • Stay in US the length of the L-1 visa holds legitimate
  • Study on a full-time premise
  • Travel all through US unreservedly

The L-2 is developed or restored as and when the L-1 visa gets an augmentation yet it must be noticed that inside the US, you can just reestablish it yet can’t have any significant bearing for a crisp L-1 visa at the US Consulate in your nation of origin. No one can leave or enter US with a lapsed L-1 and L-2 visa and will be required to actually show up before the US Consulate to get the visa protection. This implies you and your family needs to abandon US and backpedal to your nation of origin, while the new L-1 is issued and by and large, it can take half a month to a couple of months till you get the visa once more. Also, on the off chance that you require proficient help with the L-2 visa whether it is getting the total documentation or recording the required applications, you can take the administrations of a migration lawyer or a visa help benefit.